Foster Care
The Therapeutic Foster Care service has a full-time recruiter who identifies, screens and participates in the specialized training of new prospective foster parents. As a result, children being placed into these homes find well trained parents who can respond to their needs and where they can learn to adjust to community living, receive education through public schools, and be supported by highly trained staff. The program has a high retention rate of foster families.
Kinship Care (Relative Foster Care Services)
Kinship Care is a new foster care service under the TFC program that involves the identification of relatives that will provide foster care for their kin and or young family members. Relative foster parents go through the training process offered under the TFC program and continue to receive support from TFC clinicians and case management staff.
Permancy Placement Service Program (PPSP)
PPSP is a service that provides resources to foster and biological families that will help the sustainability of the placement. These resources include but are not limited to: parent training, youth development services, clinical services and rehabilitation services.

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